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A Company with Strong Values and a Compassionate Nature

We are a company that likes to understand your needs, ensure you have the best advice and provide the perfect solution with a first-class service. We’re experts in all areas of insolvency including CVAs, CVLs, CWU, MVLs for businesses along with IVAs and bankruptcies for people with debt issues.

We’re different because we work collaboratively with our clients, holding them in a safe space, not just through the transactional process of insolvency, but also through the emotional trauma that often accompanies liquidation, administration, or bankruptcy.

Our principal Insolvency Practitioner, Dorothy Brown, has an MA in Counselling and 17 years’ experience as an IP. This combination is unique in that Dorothy and her team approach each case with an understanding of the stress, anxiety, emotions and even embarrassment that insolvency – whether in business or as an individual – brings.

Making decisions in a highly charged atmosphere takes careful handling, the team’s consistently calm and compassionate natures enable decision makers to make informed choices. Choices that involve planning for their futures whilst dealing with the grief of losing a business and/or encountering personal debt.

Collaboration is key; Even Keel Solutions work best when clients respect the timescales and boundaries that the process demands.

To be prepared download ‘Your Free Guide to Insolvency' here.

Dorothy Brown

Dorothy is our Licensed Insolvency Practitioner and has worked for Even Keel since 2013.  In her spare time Dorothy enjoys walking, travelling, socialising with friends, going to the theatre and singing. She has a Masters Degree in Counselling.

Andrew Rumsey

Andrew is our Associate Director and joined Even Keel in 2023. He is an experienced insolvency and restructuring advisor with over 20 years’ experience. A keen runner, Andrew particularly enjoys running marathons and has completed a local half Ironman challenge!

Louise Lewis

Louise is our Senior Case Administrator and has worked for Even Keel since 2015.  Louise has many years of Insolvency experience, and with her keen attention to detail, keeps a close eye on the team!  When not working, Louise is kept busy with family life and enjoys cooking, reading and gardening.

Nicola Lawrance

Nicola is our Case Administrator and has worked for Even Keel since 2020. When not working, Nicola is kept busy with family life and enjoys cooking, walking, socialising with friends and reading.

Samantha Stanfield

Samantha is our Case Administrator and has newly joined Even Keel.  Samantha has various experience working in other industries and is enjoying learning about insolvency. When not at work, Samantha is kept busy with family life and enjoys gaming, walking and crafting whilst also volunteering at a local school.

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